Sexting: Definitely NOT “just a little innocent fun”

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What is it? Sexting is sending nude, sexually explicit or suggestive photos, videos, or messages via electronics. Did you know— Most states treat sexting the same as child pornography which makes it a federal offense in many states A teen who sent a nude photo of his girlfriend to her family and friends after an argument was sentenced to 5 …


How are the Hormones released during Sex Like Human Super Glue?

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The human body releases powerful hormones in the brains of men and women during sexual activity, including the neurohormones oxytocin and vasopressin.  Women are more sensitive to the effect of oxytocin, a hormone that is also found to be a bonding hormone released during childbirth and nursing. During sexual activity, as oxytocin is released, it “acts as emotional super glue …


Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

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Let’s face it. Pregnancy wasn’t part of your plan. At least not now, and not here in this situation. You may be overwhelmed with disbelief, fear, anger, and confusion. You may be thinking, “This can’t be happening!” You are possibly feeling alone and wondering where to go for answers. You have questions like: Who do I turn to for help as …


Emergency Contraception: Plan B and Ella (the morning-after pill)

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You may have heard emergency contraception referred to as the morning-after pill, or brand names such as Plan B and Ella. Emergency contraception is a term used for drugs taken after sex with the intent to prevent pregnancy. There are different brands of emergency contraception available, but the most common are Plan B One-Step and Ella.   Plan B One-Step …


After an Abortion: Psychological/Emotional Reactions and Behaviors

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It is important to realize that when a woman has an abortion it constitutes a significant loss in her life. An abortion often extends into the lives of those around her, depending on the circumstances. This loss may be immediately experienced, it may surface over time, or it may even coexist with an initial emotion of relief. Often the event …


Abortion Changes You

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4 unique stories, told in their own words from their different perspectives. All stories are anonymous for confidentiality. A Man’s Story “Back in August 2010, my long-term girlfriend and I decided to have an abortion. After it things were fine and our relationship seemed to grow between then and the nine-month mark. However, at that point something changed in her …


Are you the victim of abuse and don’t even know it?

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“Sure, bae has a bad temper, but he doesn’t hit me or scream at me….” But when do mean words cross the line into verbal abuse? Verbal abuse isn’t as easy to see or recognize as physical or sexual abuse—it can be difficult to precisely define and understand. Devon MacDermott, Ph.D. a New York City–based psychologist who specializes in trauma and …


What’s the difference between STI’s and STD’s?

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So, what’s the difference—and why do many health experts prefer one term over the other? Technically, there isn’t any difference between the two terms — STD and STI mean the exact same thing. But there are some semantics to consider: More experts are starting to prefer the term STI because they think it carries less of a stigma. “The word …


Am I Pregnant?

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Are you wondering if you’re pregnant? The most obvious sign, and the thing most people wait for, is a missed period. However, there are many changes in your body that occur before that point. Of course, the sure way to tell if you’re pregnant is through a pregnancy test. Nonetheless, you can review the following symptoms and get an idea …


Sexual Activity: What’s best for you?

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Have you noticed the message that the media gives you about sex? Is it true? Movies, music, and magazines tell us that sex is just a physical act, it’s no big deal, it’s without consequences, and it’s just part of dating. The truth is that sex is more than just physical. Sex involves the whole person – it is mental, …